Technology Platforms

DEEP has been key in supporting the development and maintenance of cutting-edge technological platforms within the CurieCoreTech, shaping a unique operational set-up to efficiently support research teams.
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To encourage scientific breakthroughs, DEEP facilitated access to cutting-edge technologies, notably contributing to the development of four technological platforms: the Cell and Tissue Imaging Platform, the Genomics Platform, the Synthetic Gene Array (SGA) platform and a metabolomics-lipidomics platform currently being set up.

  • DEEP supported the acquisition of cutting-edge technology (e.g. in vivo imaging tools in confocal microscopy and rapid 4D structured illumination microscopy, moveable objective 2-photon microscope for optogenetics, SGA high throughput screens platform, Nanostring equipment, LC-MSMS equipment for metabolomics, 3D PALM/STORM microscope for single molecule detection and tracking).
  • DEEP enabled the recruitment of qualified engineers to ramp up the platforms, shaping a unique operational set up to support research teams in the most effective way.

This support to technological development came along with the willingness of the Institut Curie and of its partner institutions to keep up with the constantly evolving needs of researchers and to share resources to leverage capabilities across a wider scope. It contributed to shape what is called the CurieCoreTech at the Institut Curie, now part of Core4Life alliance. Our platforms do nurture this coordinated group and have provided a lot of inputs for the community at large.

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At Institut Curie, the CurieCoreTech houses 19 state-of-the-art technological platforms that offer exceptional, cost-effective, service.