Network of collaborators

By contributing to key national and international initiatives, DEEP stimulates connections between LabEx teams and world-renowned collaborators, which contributed to establish DEEP as a scientific center of international stature.

DEEP has been very active in joining local capabilities to key initiatives, structuring the scientific community and enhancing the visibility of all partner institutions.

For example, DEEP initiated the GDR3740 on in vivo models of stem cells and contributed to the organization of numerous thematic seminars such as, in 2019, the Notch Meeting XI, the 11th meeting of the Club des Belles Souris, the Biology and Physics Confront Cell-Cell adhesion meeting, the EMBO at Basel Life and the EMBO workshop on Chromatin & Epigenetics.

In 2016, DEEP also organized a joint meeting with the Hubrecht Institute and contributed to host the final meeting of the European Network of Excellence EpiGeneSys (coordinated by G. Almouzni). LabEx coordinators also received recognition for key international initiatives, such as the GDRi EpiGene2Sys and ITNs.

Of note, in 2019 DEEP also engaged in the LifeTime initiative through its coordinator, G. Almouzni. The CSA proposal successful started in April 2019 with a one-year time to establish a roadmap to be provided to the EU based on technologies involving Omics, imaging at single-cell levels as well as disease models such as organoids.

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Main collaborators of LabEx DEEP research teams

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