The LabEx governance is adapted to the scope and the objectives of the LabEx, making its functioning consensual in terms of collective decision-making and flexibility.
Organizational Diagram

Governance and management

Scientific Coordinators: 

LabEx Manager: Imène Bouhlel

Tech transfer & Science Coordinator: Shauna Katz

Governing Advisory Board (GAB). The LabEx GAB meets every month to enable collegial decision-making concerning organization, equipment and personnel hiring, events and initiatives to organize, funding requests and structuring. It is composed of:

GAB composition

International Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The LabEx SAB is invited every 2 years to assess progress of the scientific program and to provide advice and guidance. It is composed of internationally recognized experts in the field of epigenetics, developmental biology and stem cells as well as industrial partners:


Training Advisory Board (TAB). The TAB is composed of early career researchers of the LabEx interested in impulsing and coordinating training and career development initiatives, public communication of science and outreach initiatives. It is composed of representatives from the two units.

The president of the TAB (Charlène Renaud-Pageot, president since 2022) impulses and reports on the TAB projects and conversely informs the community of ongoing LabEx activities. Together with the vice-president (Markus Schliffka), they ensure the participation of the TAB in the GAB meetings.

If you have questions about the TAB activities, you can contact them by email:

2022 TAB members

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