Scientific outreach

The LabEx DEEP has been very active in sharing science with the general public, an objective that fits into the core concept of PSL which promotes a combination of disciplines to create a unique intellectual environment that can better disseminate information to both specialists and the general audience.
building BDD
  • Expériences

Art & Science exhibition co-oganized with the Curie Museum, PSL and the LabEx CelTisPhyBio (Cell(n)Scale) in 2015.

More info about the project in this link

  • Muse-IC

This project was set up in the context of the “Aux Frontières des LabEx” PSL call, with the aim to create musical compositions inspired by research discoveries. Six original music scores were created by pairs of international composers and scientists working in the fields of biology, physics or biophysics–including three from LabEx DEEP (J. Miné-Hattab, N. Dostatni, A. Taddei). This notably led to a concert in March 2019, with over 300 attendees.

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  • Esprits Curieux

This kids' book collection was launched by members of the LabEx DEEP and aims at educating young children on science and research topics.

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