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Job Opening: Bio-Image Analyst

labex deep
The PICT imaging platform of the Genetics and Developmental Biology Unit at Institut Curie is looking for a bio-image analyst to support the teams doing microscopy analysis

Temporal projection fly
Color coded temporal projection of a timelapse movie of a developing fly during metamorphosis, acquired from three views (dorsal, lateral and ventral) using MuViScopy (Multi-View confocal microScopy).

The Genetics and Development Biology Unit at the Institut Curie is a multidisciplinary department which, among other aims, studies tissue dynamics from cell to organ scale during development. Research teams use optical fluorescence microscopy to visualize in real time different biological processes in various organoid and animal models (Drosophila, zebrafish and mouse). Through the support of the Labex DEEP program, we are looking for an enthusiastic and service-oriented Bio-Image Analyst.
The candidate will work within the Cell and Tissue Imaging facility and will collaborate with users from the Paris campus and beyond, helping them developing solutions for bioimage analysis. The projects will range from designing image analysis workflows, developing custom scripts/macros/plugins, to full collaborations where the Analyst handles the project from start to end and delivers analyzed data. The candidate will also advise and teach users on their bioimage analysis strategies.

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