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LifeTime Initiative Nature Perspectives Article

The Nature Perspectives article from the LifeTime Iniative (co-coordinated by Geneviève Almouzni) is out!
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The LifeTime Initiative is an academic and industrial research consortium aiming to generate a wealth of new tools and technologies to measure, analyse and predict cellular and molecular mechanisms during disease onset and progression. In doing so, LifeTime will profoundly expand our basic understanding of genome function within cells and tissues, having a fundamental impact on basic science across multiple fields. It will lead to a redefinition of the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in precision medicine, which will be based on cellular biology. The synthesis of 21st century biology and data sciences will impact medical practice and improve human health, while reducing suffering of European citizens. This Nature Perspectives article outlines the missions and visions of this ambitious initiative for which several of the members of the LabEx DEEP are involved.